Group at Newberry, South Carolina Reunion - 2005

There had been reunions of the Taylors in Florida at Camp O'leno, which were attended by some from South Carolina until the 1980's.  The Thomas Carter Taylor branch of Robert Taylor  had held reunions at Fitzhugh Eddy in Dyer County until sometime in the 1950's.  A reunion for Thomas Carter Taylor's descendants was held in 1992 at Reelfoot Lake.

Noah, Erma, and Orville

The current Taylor Triangle reunions began somewhat by accident, but strongly influenced by the insistence of one person.  After my first cousin Pat Blalock and I had traced our ancestry from Dyer County to Florida and then to South Carolina, I decided to make contact with some relatives in Columbia County, Florida.  Through cold-calling, I finally got in contact with three grandchildren of Noah: Orville Taylor, Erma Milliken, and Noah Taylor.  We met, visited, corresponded and got to know each other.  Orville kept insisting that we find some central location, perhaps Atlanta, and have a reunion for all of the Taylors.

In November of 1995, the three grandchildren decided to come to Dyer County to see where Noah had lived.  I planned to meet them there and show them around.  I decided to get some people from the three branches in the area together to meet them for a pot luck lunch.  I kept expanding the preparation for that meeting, and it became the first reunion.

After the reunion, Orville insisted that we would meet the next year in Newberry, SC.  Following through on that, we put together a Newberry reunion in 1996.  We then decided to complete the triangle by having one in Columbia Co., Florida on the following year.  Due to popular demand, that three county cycle has continued since.

The next Reunion will be in June 2010 in Dyersburg in Dyer County, Tennessee

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