Attendees (incomplete) at the 2005 Reunion

The eleventh in the series of Taylor Triangle reunions was held in Newberry County, SC on June 25, 2005.  The reunion was held at the Stoney Hill Community Center just outside Prosperity, SC.  This was the first time that it had been held at this location, but it is very appropriate.  Stoney Hill, also called Stoney Battery, is the community where William had his house and his children lived before some left for Florida or Tennessee.  It is also the point of origin for our Hawkins kin. Many descendants still live there today.

Reunion headquarters was at the Hampton Inn Newberry Opera House.  That's where most of the out-of-towners stayed and where we visited during the reunion.  It turned out to be a very nice hotel and very nicely located in historic downtown Newberry.  It also added some interest in that the Ms. South Carolina pageant was held at the Opera House on Saturday and most of the contestants stayed at the hotel.  This attracted the attention of many of the male relatives

The reunion began early for some of us.  Upon arrival on Thursday, we made contact with some of the local people and other out-of-towners at the hotel.  We had a very nice visit and continued with dinner at La Fogata restaurant in Newberry.  The visiting continued later at the hotel.

Friday was a busy day.  Several of us went to breakfast at The Stable restaurant in Prosperity and enjoyed the visit.  Many then went on the pre-tour that we have to test out the tour route and prevent surprises on the reunion day when we have the tour.  We had additional visiting at the hotel that afternoon as we greeted the bulk of the out-of-town arrivals.

That evening a large group (30 or more) went to the Stable Restaurant in Prosperity for dinner.  We sort of overwhelmed them, but they scrambled and opened the backroom to handle us.  We had a great time visiting and eating.  Back at the hotel afterwards, we had fun visiting until late in the lobby.

Saturday was reunion day and the weather was good, if hot.  We had a large turnout.  Over 90 people turned out for the reunion, many of them for the the first time.  Six of the eight children were represented, missing only Israel and James.  The hall worked extremely well and many of the participants attended school there when it was Stoney Hill School.  They were very proud of the restoration that had been done and the fact we were using the building.  During the tour we had approximately 20 cars in the caravan.  At the cemeteries, we had to almost force people to move on to the next site, they were enjoying themselves so much.

That night, we took a much larger group to La Fogata.  It was enjoyed immensely.  The large group made for jovial company.  After dinner it was back to the hotel for more visiting in the lobby and in rooms until late.

On Sunday morning, a few remaining went to church at Zion Methodist, the traditional family church.  Afterwards, it was back to The Stable for a Sunday buffet and some final goodbyes.  We parted at the restaurant ending on of the most successful and enjoyed reunions we have had. 

After eleven reunions, you think interest will wither away and it will be time to end the reunions.  Results like this, however, mean we're not through yet.  Next year Columbia County, Florida.

 William S (Sam) Taylor provided local help and support in the Newberry area.  He arranged for the Community Center and is helping in many other ways.  His help is greatly appreciated.




Tour Handout



                                     (Some photos courtesy of  John Hawkins, Joan Holling, William S. Taylor and Gaylon Taylor)

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