Team At Reunion
Team (aka Tres Amigas)
(Maddie Queen, Roxanne Gibbons, Shirley Moon)

The Dyer 2010 Taylor Triangle Reunion was an absolute and unqualified success!

The reunion was a warm and fun gathering, that extended well beyond the the few hours of the formal reunion.  The picture above is indicative of the atmosphere.  It began with the arrivals from out-of-town at the hotel starting midday on Friday.  Then later some of the local people arrived to join us in the fun.  All that afternoon and evening we mixed and mingled in the great room at the hotel.  There were lots of excited greetings as people saw each other for the first time in years.  We finally had to call it off at 9:30 due to noise concerns of the management.

Saturday, the reunion started at 10:30 at the Dyersburg Activity Center.  It was hot, and the crowd kept coming.  There were a wide range of ages and a lot of laughing and hugging going on.  The crowd kept growing, and I was trying to keep track for a lunch count.  With a moving crowd, that is almost impossible.  The barbecue lunch, courtesy of Sylvia Reeves' family started serving at midday and had been planned for 100 people.  The food started running out and the caterer had to send out for more.  Finally everyone was served.

Previously we have had probably no more than 80 people at these reunions.  After the lunch problem, I was struggling to figure an accurate count.  I finally realized that nametags were a key.  We had issued 127 nametags and people reported quite a few people never had nametags.  Based on that, we had at least 130-140 people at the reunion.  That is a record by a long shot.

After four hours of visiting and eating, we had the tour of the Taylor sites.  The temperature was above 100 degrees with high humidity.  When we arrived in Friendship, about midway through the tour, everyone was sweltering.  We had decided to visit the Friendship United Methodist Church, since it was the childhood church of some on the tour.  Once we got into the dimly lit, air conditioned sanctuary, nobody wanted to leave and go out in the heat.  For the remainer of the tour, except the last point, Palestine Cemetery, we drove by the points, rather than stopping and getting out.

Saturday night was a continuation of Friday night in the great room at the hotel.  Some groups went to dinner during the time.  It was a very much lively and fun gathering of locals and out-of-towners.  After 9:00, the crowd was of a size that the noise was manageable, so we continued.  About 10:30, I decided it wasn't going to end, so I announced I was going to bed, and everyone dispersed, but conversations continued in the hallways.

Sunday morning, people ended up in the great room for the hotel's complimentary breakfast.  The reunion spirit was still very much there.  People had great difficulty finally saying good-byes and leaving.

It really was a great reunion.  It's success was due in no small part to those who chipped in and participated.  Donna Darling worked long and hard to help me revamp the Web site in preparation for the reunion.  Roxanne Gibbons and her mother Pat Blaclock were with me all the way through and handled the local arrangements, which were extensive.  Syliva Reeves provided the great barbecue lunch and worked hard to ensure it went off smoothly.  She also encouraged her whole branch of the Taylor clan to attend.  Many thanks to all.



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