I am not descended from the Hawkins, but a great number of my cousins are.  The Hawkins are so closely intermingled with these Taylors, any site would be incomplete without telling something about them. 

Isabella Taylor married Simeon Hawkins around 1845.  Simeon's father Peter Watson Hawkins moved to Dyer County, TN from Newberry, SC.  Simeon and Isabella move to Dyer County as well and began farming.   After William's death, Noah and Israel followed their sister to Dyer County since they were minors.  Noah lived for a while with Peter Watson Hawkins and married his daughter Nancy.  Later Israel married another daughter Frances. 

Now you had three siblings from the Taylor family marrying three children of Peter Watson Hawkins.  Not surprisingly they were very close.   Noah, Israel, and Isabella had adjacent farms in the Hawkinsville (named for Simeon and Isabella) area of Dyer County.  Israel, Noah, and Simeon appeared together in court documents.  When Simeon joined the 47th Tennessee Infantry to fight in the Civil War, Noah and Israel joined the same unit the next day.

Caesar Duval

Caesar was the grandfather of the three Hawkins that married into the Taylor Family.  Their mother was Mary Duval, Caesar's daughter.  Other descendants from Caesar merge into our family down the generations.  Caesar was from France and had come to America as a Private in the French Army with Lafayette.  After returning to France after the war,  he was determine to come back to America.  He came back to Charleston and then to Newberry.  He spent the rest of his life there.


Caesar Duval
 Petition for Naturalization

Caesar Duval Petition for  Pension




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