Ann is listed in documents, census and other papers by various names.  She was called Margaret, Ann, Anne, Annie, Anna  and Peggy Ann.  The 1870 census list her as Anna, The1880 census list her as Ann, her tombstone list her as Annie, Williamís Estate list her as Anna, Guardian Papers for children, part of her motherís share of Henry Dominickís Estate list her as Anna M, also her father calls her Peggy Ann in same papers. Also called Margaret Ann

She's the woman of the greatest mystery of the Taylor clan.  The single most ask question is did she marry and who was the father of her children.  All indications is she never married, She and her children always went by the surname Taylor, and no husband has been located in any documents or census.  Since no one knows who the father of her children was and she apparently never married, there has been much speculation by her descendants and others.  While this would not be surprising today, it was uncommon of in the mid 1800s when her children were born.  She was apparently accepted by the community, the fact that she had money may have helped.

The next question is where was she and her children from 1848 till 1860?  Family tradition has that Ann went briefly to Columbia County, Florida before the War Between the States.  After a short stay, she returned to Newberry County, South Carolina reportedly because of the large number of snakes in Florida.  We have been unable to locate her in the 1850 Federal Census.   She and her children seem to have vanished during these years.  

Ann had six children, five boys and one girl.  Until recently, only five were known.  Documents recently showed a sixth, yet unnamed son.  Two of her sons Jefferson M. and John F. served in the Confederate army, in Co. G. 13 Reg. SCV.

1.      Jefferson Madison TAYLOR- born 1833

2.      Unknown (Listed in estate papers of Henry Dominick)

3.      John F TAYLOR- born 1845

4.      George TAYLOR- born 1848

5.      Simon Pierce TAYLOR- born 1854

6.      Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR- born 1855

Printable Book of Descendants

Many of her descendants have remained in and around Newberry, and the adjoining counties in SC.  Some went to Texas, and others moved to the Charlotte ,North Carolina area.  We're looking for the descendants of her sons, George and Pierce Taylor

Ann is buried in the old section of the cemetery at Zion United Methodist Church cemetery in Prosperity, SC.


Ann Family Album

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