A few years ago, I didn't know my grandfather's first name.  I began research on another side of the family and then started working on the Taylors.  It was difficult, but thanks to other researchers, I was able to move forward.  We have gained a great deal; and much greater than the knowledge, we have gained the friendship of many new cousins.

I have been sharing this information with many people.  I firmly believe that the best way to preserve information is to share it.  I hope this Web site will be an improved way to share, will reach a greater number of people, and will advance the preservation of the materials we have collected.

This site is, and will continue to be, a work-in-progress.  I am now at the stage of putting existing information I have onto the site.  As information develops, the site will be updated, keeping it current.  This makes it much superior to my original plans to produce a book.  Distribution would be limited, and the information would be stopped at the time of publication.

This site is not the product of my research only.  Many fine researchers have shared information with me that has been incorporated into what you see here.  I can't possibly list them all, but five have been significant partners in my research.  They are Pat Blalock, Boyd Bedenbaugh, Mary Harrison, John Hawkins, and William S. (Sam) Taylor.  They deserve the credit for much of what you see here.



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